In addition to fillers, the Milainox also manufactures and markets efficient sealers , that allow the sealing of cups and other bottles in a firm and practical way, allowing better preservation of food and other products.

One of the models offered is the DS sealer. This equipment has a rotary table with seating for 7 refractories and it has an automatic welding control (pyrometer). The placement and removal of bottles must be made manually. The remainder of the procedure, However, is done by the machine.

The S Sealer It is completely manual. compact, This sealer can be used on a table or countertop with easy handling lever. With a 220 V, it makes the sealing of the container through termo-welding and allows the adjustment of the temperature up to 450 ° C.

Both devices are produced with resistant materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel, which ensures high durability and low maintenance.


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