Companies that works with chemicals, such as cleaning supplies, need special equipment, which are resistant to formulas and ensure safe and accurate filling of liquids, semi-liquids and pastes. To address this public, Milainox has great models of fillers.

One is them is the M-22 Pasty Soapy, an equipment capable of packaging up to 2.200 units per hour, consuming little energy. Another option is the M-22 Plus Paste Soapy, which also comes to fill and close more than 2.000 pots per hour and, Like the previous one, has a control panel easy to access and operate.

MR-22 is another alternative for the filling the paste soap. This copy automatically stops the placement of the product and cover when noting the absence of pots. With it, the output can reach 3.000 units per hour. For cleaning materials, there is the D2 filler, which has a volumetric filling system and 2 dosing cylinders.

In addition to the production line, Milainox provides the MR 10, Rotary accumulative table with 1 m in diameter and fully automatic.


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