These machines have been developed to facilitate the process of bottling dairy, ensuring greater agility, economy and hygiene when bottling products such as milk, milk drinks and cream cheese.

The DSM2 fills yogurts and performs the placement of seals and the sealing process. The M-22 Pasty and M-22 Plus Pasty, on the other hand, are ideal for filling butter, fresh milk and cream cheese, sealing and automatically dating cups and pots.

The M22 - Bottle, for milk beverages, produces up to 2.200 units per hour and accepts bottles from 150 the 300 ml. The MD2 semiautomatic, doses and fills liquid and pasty products, once the packaging is detected. There is also the filler D2 bench, equipped with two dosing cylinders; the rotating accumulator table MR10 (fully automatic) and the manual sealer S, which makes the sealing of jars and cups by thermo-welding.

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