Mineral Water and Beverages

The Milainox is a leading manufacturer of machines for packaging in Brazil. Its products, developed with high technology and top quality materials, are prominent not only in the domestic market, but also in parts of South America, North America and Africa.

Among the main equipment, are the fillers for mineral water and beverages, such as juices, coconut water, teas, soft drinks, among others. We give special emphasis to the models M-22 Liquid and M-22 Liquid Plus, which automatically perform the placement of cups and lids on the rotary table. .

For the filling of non-carborated drinks, the DSM machines, DSM2 and DSM Bottle are indicated. . In lines with liquids, semi-liquids and pastes, semiautomatic fillers MD-2 and D2 can also be employed. For those who produce juices, MR-22 is an excellent alternative, which fills up 3.000 units per hour according to the viscosity of the product..

Check out the filler models for Mineral Water and Beverages of MilaInox: :


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